Blades for all types of woodworking

Wood is an important raw material for many industries, and it is processed in many different ways.

Our production program offers blades for all methods of processing wood.

This starts with large chopper knives for rough work and shredding waste wood. We also produce shaving and combing knives, and veneer slicers for fine work.

Chipper knives are used in knife-ring and drum flakers to produce chips for chipboard production.

For many years, we have been working closely with major chipboard factories, such as Glunz AG, to continually lengthen service lives, because in this case blade changes are extremely expensive and time-consuming.

On account of the many different types of blade used, here again the price-performance ratio is always in focus, and we have defined it more precisely in recent years.

All chopping and shaving blades are made of specially developed chipper steel, which is given high-quality heat treatment to achieve the optimal cutting hardness for each application.

We also produce plane blades and thin plane blades for surface and thickness milling machines, mostly in HSS quality for hard and softwood-working in all conventional cross sections and lengths.