A comprehensive advisory service for long-term working relationships

We regard customer service as the A to Z of a good, long-term working relationship. We give you comprehensive advice on cutting material, tool geometry, the selection of suitable material and the associated heat treatment. We measure your samples, produce production drawings from diagrams, mark your goods individually, and package them according to your requirements.

Your satisfaction is important to us, and our large number of regular customers confirms that not only the good quality of our products matters but also the all-round service and advice we offer for complex questions and unusual requests. Our experienced employees are at your service from your initial enquiry right through to the delivery of your goods. They also give you innovative suggestions, keep you up to date on the status of your goods, and respond quickly to change requests.


Machine blades have been made on the SMM GmbH site for all branches of industry for over 60 years. The markets have been steadily changing over the course of time. Whereas blades for the paper industry used to be the largest part of the production program, nowadays the blades are predominantly produced for the recycling industry.

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Customer service

SMM GmbH places great importance on customer service. This starts with the offer phase. No matter whether you give us a sample, diagram or description of the desired product, we can quickly make you an individual offer. Of course, we are available to give you advice, and offer you the best possible materials, the suitable hardness and the best edge for the intended use of the blade.

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SMM GmbH is always endeavouring to develop its products still further to meet market requirements. For many years, SMM GmbH has been conducting trials with selected customers to continually lengthen service lives and increase wear resistance. SMM GmbH has contributed to various projects to develop new surface structures to improve the cutting capability.

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