Your specialist for recycling blades

In recent years, the recycling industry has developed to become such an important branch in the waste disposal sector that we have placed our main focus on this segment.

We have specialized in the production of recycling blades, and have become the market leader in this segment in Germany.

As blades are wearing parts, the price-performance ratio is extremely important. Each blade change costs money, and each blade fracture can be very expensive.

For this reason, we have oriented our technologies toward manufacturing blades inexpensively and achieving high wear resistance.

Together with potential customers, we are continually developing our blades further to achieve even longer service lives. We find the best blade quality for your recycled material.

We produce rotor and stator blades as well as cover strips and plates for all well-known mills and recycling plants. We manufacture some of these in large batches, which reduces their cost and makes them available at short notice.