SMM GmbH has a production area of around 2000 m². From cutting to size to the final polish, we do everything in-house. The raw material is ordered in commercial lengths from well-known steel suppliers in Germany, and cut to length by three Meba saws. Older, conventional machines prepare the raw material in our Pre-milling Dept.

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Job order production

In recent years, we have invested to expand the range of our contract work. Our production facilities are capable of machining large-sized pieces of material and parts weighing up to 5 tons. We can handle the widest range of mechanical and precision machining tasks on our machining centers, CNC milling machines and surface grinding machines.

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We regard customer service as the A to Z of a good, long-term working relationship. We give you comprehensive advice on cutting material, tool geometry, the selection of suitable material and the associated heat treatment. We measure your samples, produce production drawings from diagrams, mark your goods individually, and package them according to your requirements.

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