From cutting to size to the final polish

SMM GmbH has a production area of around 2000 m². From cutting to size to the final polish, we do everything in-house. The raw material is ordered in commercial lengths from well-known steel suppliers in Germany, and cut to length by three Meba saws. Older, conventional machines prepare the raw material in our Pre-milling Dept. Then contours, holes and form elements are created in the CNC Dept.

CNC Milling Dept.

In its CNC Dept., SMM GmbH has 11 milling centers that can machine prismatic parts with a unit weight of up to 5 tons.

Blades are currently manufactured on 6 machines, that can machine parts with maximum dimensions of up to 4000 x 500 x 300 mm. Machine components up to maximum dimensions of 6500 x 2000 x 1500 mm can be machined.

We also perform contract milling. The production range includes, in particular, bars, beams, plates and complex welded structures.

Quantity Company Machining length Machining width
1 Soraluce 6500 mm 2000 mm
1 SHW 4000 mm 800 mm
1 Matec 4000 mm 600 mm
1 Matec 3000 mm 500 mm
1 Matec 2000 mm 500 mm
3 Heckert 1200 mm 500 mm
1 Bridgeport 1300 mm 700 mm
1 Bridgeport 1020 mm 610 mm
1 Contur 1200 mm 700 mm
1 Contur 800 mm 550 mm
1 POS 800 mm 550 mm

Grinding Dept.

SMM GmbH also manufactures precision parts to meet high accuracy requirements and a surface quality of Ra 0.4 µm.

The range of grinding work, which is also offered as contract work, includes not only the regrinding of shears, paper knives and veneer slicers, but also the grinding of bars and beams etc. (see Wage labour).

The Grinding Dept. was completely modernized in 2008. This involved building a new production hall and buying 3 replacement grinding machines.

In this dept., SMM GmbH can blast and grind parts with dimensions of up to 6000 x 500 mm, handle a range of up to 3500 x 300 mm for peripheral grinding, and has chamfer grinding machines designed for a maximum machining surface of 6000 x 350 mm.

Quantity Company Machining length Machining width
2 Göckel 6000 mm 350 mm
1 Göckel 4000 mm 600 mm
2 Göckel 4000 mm 350 mm
3 Göckel 3500 mm 350 mm
1 Göckel 3000 mm 250 mm
1 Göckel 3000 mm 150 mm
1 Göckel 1500 mm 300 mm
1 Reform 3000 mm 500 mm