Geared to meet your requirements

SMM GmbH places great importance on customer service. This starts with the offer phase. No matter whether you give us a sample, diagram or description of the desired product, we can quickly make you an individual offer. Of course, we are available to give you advice, and offer you the best possible materials, the suitable hardness and tool geometry for a long service life and resistance to wear, and the best edge for the intended use of the blade. When we receive your orders, we will be pleased to measure the samples, if necessary on site, create a production drawing or, if requested, assist with the development of an individual production part for your machine.

Our customer service also includes producing your goods on demand, and permanently marking and individually packaging them according to your requests. The packaging may be for overseas shipment, use custom-made crates, or the goods may simply be stacked on pallets. You are given test reports of our products specifically tailored to match your requirements, and we also package the products according to your specifications, such as packed in sets, bar-coded etc.